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April 05, 2009


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10/22's are good cheap fun. Everyone should have at least one. What else is on John's list of required firearms???


In all likelihood, the 10/22 will be enjoyed by your grandchildren... i have seen reports on rimfirecentral of people with upwards of 100,000 rounds through theirs without a hitch...

I would recomend you look at 3 parts to add to your though...

1) the extended magazine release
2) the bolt hold open
3) a replacement buffer pin

all three should cost less than $40 total and they take about 30 minutes to install.

Jim (firefighter4884)

and I bet the collection is far more fun then the 401K right?

In addition to a Ruger 10/22 being necessary in any gun collection, you also need a Henry .22LR lever gun :) I enjoy it even more then my Ruger 10/22 :-p


Gary W. Anthony


Bookmark this site. After modifying a friend's 10/22 with target barrel, target stock, complete target trigger group, etc. and having it put 6 out of 10 shots into the same ragged hole at 50 yards...he commented; "You SOB, you nickle and dimed me into a $700 dollar rifle!"

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