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July 28, 2008


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Mike W.

"Learn how to become very aware of your surroundings"

"Think long and hard about "What if I have to protect myself?"

I find that, with regards to point #1 many people are completely oblivious. I'm not saying I'm hyper aware at all times, but I'm also not entirely naive and oblivious. Being aware and having tool with which to stop an attack isn't "paranoid" but it's very hard to get that message through to some people.

On point #2, I find that several members of my family either have the "it won't happen to me" approach, or they have an extremely naive sense of what will actually stop an attacker. That or they think I'm "weird" for even bringing the subject up.

Also, as far as I know, the wives of the men in my family who do own guns are not trained in their use and have no interest whatsoever in learning.


I read with interest an earlier post on your wearing "progressive bi-focals".

I have this problem. It was causing me enormouse aggravation at the range because I could site the target or the gun sites, but one or the other was hiddiously out of focus rendering me helpless to hit anything but the broad side of a barn.

I finally broke down and called the local optomitrist and explained my problem. She told me to bring in my pistol and guaranteed me she could correct the problem.

Now that's what I call confidence.

She was not lying. She made adjustments to my Rx while I was aiming at the eye chart. She tested me in bright light and low light so that my trijicon night sites would not get blurry at dusk.

If you are a shooter, I would recomend everyone have your favorite optomitrist site you in properly. It is so worth it. I have progressive tri-focals and the only thing I can't shoot now with glasses is a scoped rifle, but I can live with that until I get the lasik.


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