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Where shall we start? Hmmmm… I grew up and went to high school in Podunk, Illinois (seriously). Graduated in the early nineties and was off to college. I went to school in Podunk, but this has nothing to do with my new hobby. My new hobby is my husband’s doing. His name is John. He rocks!

Just so we are clear… this (adorable) pistol-toting chic didn’t crawl out from under some rock in Podunk where the residents are toothless and the sheep are nervous. Got it? Do you hear banjos playing in your head?

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from a party school (I’m not ashamed). I got a solid business education, sharpened my social skills, and earned tolerance for alcohol.

I entered the work force after college graduation… ended up in retail somehow. I’m still not sure how it happened. I worked in stores as a manager for a few years. Then I transitioned to a corporate merchandising office for a major, national retailer. This was a super-cool, fun, girly job and I loved it. Managed to go back to school and get an MBA while enjoying my super-cool, fun, girly job.

The timing of that MBA was perfect. I was down-sized (snafu #1) shortly after I finished the program.

After my down-sizing I ended up taking a job as a buyer with a different national retailer. Let’s get one thing straight….being a buyer… NOT GLAMOROUS! It is not a job where you “get to shop with someone else’s money.”

Snafu #2 – down-sized again. Twice in three years!

Now, I am technically on summer vacation. I have not had a summer vacation since I was a junior in high school. My over-achieving personality traits have prevented me from enjoying any down time, like, ever. I am taking time off to detox from Corporate America and learn a new skill.


Besides shooting? I am your typical girl who loves pretty things, all things pink, and all things girly (e.g. shoes, make-up, shoes, shopping, shoes). I love all things circa 1980. The gym is my sanctuary. I love a great spinning class. Also, like a good strength training workout at least once a week. I enjoy reading - Philippa Gregory, Jen Lancaster, and Vince Flynn are some of my favorites. I know, I know... odd mix.