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March 11, 2009


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Joe Allen

You could try farting too. Then everyone will share a big laugh and go home happy (and less bloated!)

Or if that doesn't work, shoot the sumbitch.


lol, i went on the link to the article and thought it was comical. im a 5'11 165 lbs male who is pretty confident that he can take on most females wielding a brush. for that reason i am recruting most of my female friends to go shooting with me after i recieve my ccw. in doing this i hope they too decide to get theirs. with ruger coming out with the lcp, and the lcr and the introduction of the pink lady, females can carry a higher caliber round while still looking fashionable. now thats sexy. they can put these firearms into one of those clutch thingys and rest assurded that if they have enough time to reach for a brush, then they will have enough time to reach for a lcp. personally, i dont want females talking to get out of a sitution that they didnt ask to be in. i say let Mr. .380 do the talking for them.


Greg sounds like he means well, but I just can't help but think of this:


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