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July 09, 2008


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another chick with a gun! Hooray! (and welcome!)


Yes, Welcome! Always good to see more gun bloggers.
I hope you get to go out and yell "pull,"shotguns are fun.


I guess the question now is, is John amassing a a shoe collection?

Tom Gresham

Girls with guns?????? Horrors!

Hey, I'm glad you are enjoying the podcast. Yesterday I was shooting video of Roy Jinks, historian for Smith & Wesson, (we were shooting for Gun Talk TV -- www.guntalk.tv), and he mentioned that target shooting is the oldest sport in the world. Starting with rocks and spears, people have competed about hitting targets for as long as we remember.

Congratulations on encouraging others to take up this lifetime sport.

For anyone wanting to get started, but who doesn't know where to start, we have a lot of basic info which can help at Gun Talk TV

-- Tom

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